Can Mental Stress Discomfort Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Mental stress, discomfort and anxiety are potential causes of erectile dysfunctions. These factors are not necessarily directly involved in causing the condition though. Erectile dysfunction occurs as a consequence and in other cases as a symptom of the factors.

How does mental stress cause ED?

Getting a sufficient erection depends mostly on the efficient flow of blood in a patient’s body. The process follows that blood is circulated into penile muscles vessels more than it is circulated out. This leads to the encroachment of vessels, which in turn causes an erection. Mental stress works by interfering with this process. The brain is the master coordinator of the whole blood circulation process. When an individual is suffering from mental stress, it becomes almost impossible to concentrate on anything else other than the source of the mental stress. In this way, it will actually be impossible to get the mu9ch desired blood flow into the erectile muscles.

How is anxiety connected to erectile dysfunction?

Anxiety can be as a result of unattainable sexual prospects. It can also be a result of age differences or even unsettled issues between couples. You find that whenever a man is too much occupied by the things they have previously heard discussed about sex, they will be struggling the hardest they can to achieve them during the actual sex session. In the end, the too much excitement and anxiety works by actually reducing the performance. In extreme cases, such men will not even be min a position to perform as expected. Anxiety can also be due to past failures or poor performance. If for example a man has in the past experienced a particular form of erectile dysfunction, he will be too anxious not to disappoint again. The problem is that the opposite will actually happen.

How to control mental stress and anxiety

Having your head clear any time you are having prospects of sex is a vital part of dealing with erectile dysfunction due to mental stress. As a starting point, talk to your spouse, and clear any underlying issue that may be affecting your relationship. If the issue is work related, go for a walk or talk to the necessary authorities. It even woks well enough to just talk to your workmates during the various tea and lunch breaks. If the problem is a bit complex, go for professional services like talk therapies and yoga exercises. For talk therapies, inform your spouse about the idea. Take a day off and make an appointment with a professional counselor. There, you will get to open about all the issues that have been causing you anxiety and mental distress.

Mental stress and anxiety eats one from the inside, and can cause some of the most chronic cases of erectile dysfunctions. Take your time and get all the help you can in the attempt to clear up your mind and find true facts about erectile dysfunctions, Viagra and even sex itself.