Health Conditions That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Stress and Anxiety.

The effects of poor health conditions do not only affect the general body performance but also bring about the problems of erectile dysfunctions, anxiety and even stress. It is even worse when you consider the long list of health conditions that have the ability to bring about these effects. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common health conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunctions and stress.

Prostate cancer

This is a type of cancer that is causes by the abnormal enlargement of the prostate gland. It requires that it be treated surgically. Men who have been diagnosed with this condition undergo a lot of mental torture, both in terms of finances and sexual performance.

Heart related diseases

A healthy and properly functioning heart is a vital player in ensuring the proper general body functioning is achieved and maintained. It is also responsible for the larger part of the whole blood circulation process. Heart and related diseases make it hard for the needed circulation of blood to be carried out sufficiently. This leads to unachieved and unmaintained erections.

Blood pressure

It is mandatory that if someone is to achieve the required erection to take them through satisfactory sex, the right blood pressure must be achieved. Blood is a very vital key point in sex. For one, it helps keep an individual energized enough when having sex. It also actually controls the achieving and terminating of an erection.


This is a condition that arises due to either low levels of insulin in the body or total absence. The results are that the particular patient does not get the required amounts of active and usable energy required during sex. Diabetes is a leading cause of mental stress and anxiety due to the engaging and costly treatment methods involved. Lack of properly functioning insulin also makes it hard to perform in bed, since an individual doesn’t have the required usable energy to take them through sex. It has also been named a leading cause of erectile dysfunctions in men.

Obesity and physical deformities

After the psychological limitations have been concurred, it remains that individuals must be in the right physical conditions to take them through sex. Obesity and physical conditions like small penis sizes get in the way whenever the particular individual is having sex.


You may be struggling to at least get your spouse pregnant for a while. This condition is known as impotence, which does not necessarily mean that you cannot achieve an erection. Impotence is a very degrading condition to most of the men suffering from the condition. In most of the cases, the stress and anxiety associated to it leads to erectile dysfunctions.
Erectile dysfunctions due to the above discussed conditions can be treated and dealt with using ED pills like Viagra. You do not have to suffer the stress and anxiety that is brought about by them. All you need is the right Viagra prescription.