How Is Vasectomy Associated With Erectile Dysfunctions?

The actual and direct involvement of vasectomy in causing erectile dysfunctions has so far not been scientifically proven. But there are various consequences of vasectomy, especially psychological ones which can be associated with erectile dysfunctions.

What is vasectomy?

In men, sperm are produced in the testes. The produced sperm are then stored in the epididymis. Since sperms are not the only constituents of male ejaculations, glands like the prostate gland are also involved in making of male semen. Such secretions are stored in tubes called vas deferent. During vasectomy, the vas deferent get located and consequently cut in a surgical operation. The two cut ends are then sealed independently. The results are that sperms cannot find their way into the urethra and finally i0nto a woman’s fertile areas. However, an individual whom has had a vasectomy will still have ejaculations, since the secretions from the prostate gland have not been cut out. Vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control. Recently, procedures have been developed, which can help reverse the process.

Vasectomy and ED

After about 10 ejaculations after having a vasectomy, individuals can be assured of permanent impotence. This brings about a lot of phy9siochologiacl issues. A man who cannot impregnate is in some societies seen as not whole incomplete. Although this is a misguided fact, it works very much in developing anxiety and stress n men who have undergone vasectomy.
Vasectomy has been associated with prostate cancer. If someone was to have a vasectomy then a prostate cancer surgery after that, it is most likely that they will not at all be able to produce any semen. This means that the individuals will have to deal with the type of erectile dysfunction, caused by immature or no ejaculations.

Vasectomy is painful, both during the process and after it has been carried out successfully. This causes a kind of an irritation when engaging in sex. Cases have been reported where drops of semen secretions leaked out of the tied and sealed tubes, causing some forms of lumps under the skin.

How to prevent ED due to vasectomy

Immediately you have the idea or need to go for vasectomy, get as much information as you can get about the process. Talk to your spouse and together, go for medical advice and counseling therapies. Vasectomy will likely be a permanent condition, so it will be better to get as much prepared for it as possible.

After you have had a vasectomy, it is good to keep going for medical checkups, to help manage the condition. If you experience some form of pain of discomfort, a medical advisor can give the right directions on that. In most of the times, erectile dysfunctions caused by vasectomy can be managed and controlled during the initial stages of development.