Relationship between Erectile Dysfunctions and Blood Sugar/Pressure.

You have probably read or heard someone recommending exercises as a means of dealing with erectile dysfunctions. In depth, what such discussions and suggestions aim to keep in control and under management is blood sugar and pressure.

What is blood sugar and pressure?

Blood is responsible for keeping body cells nourished and waste products removed accordingly. Nourishment here means that the necessary energy in for of glucose will be taken to the cells, to enable them to carry on with their vital activities. This is in a general and common term referred to as blood sugar. It basically describes the level of usable energy in the blood.
Blood pressure on the other hand refers the level at which blood is circulating in the b9ody. It is used to indicate how fast or low blood is able to take the preferred nourishments to the cells, and also keep the general body performance in check.

How does blood pressure and sugar cause ED?

When there are low levels of blood sugar in the body, it means that some particular or even all the body cells are not getting a sufficient amount of the needed glucose for their vital functions. This directly translates to a low body performance. In most of the cases, the general condition caused by this effect is referred to as diabetes. It means that patients even lack the energy to take them through a complete and satisfactory sex session. Diabetes also leads to general body fatigue, where patients are unwilling and unable to engage in any physical activities, let alone sex.

Blood pressure has a different effect. Since blood is vitally needed in the achieving and maintenance of a erection, an imbalance in the same translates into immature erections. For patients with high or low blood pressure, it means that blood is either being circulated at the wrong pace, or vital body organs are not getting the much required nourishment. This immediately leads to very complex issues in the circulatory system, which in turns causes erectile dysfunctions.

How to prevent erectile dysfunctions due to blood pressure and sugar

One of the most popular ways of preventing this type of ED is taking medications that are prescribed for the discussed conditions. Supplements like insulin help manage8 the level of blood sugar. Still on the same, patients are advised to for ED pills like Viagra. Viagra has been proven as man effective drug for rectifying erectile dysfunctions even in men with blood pressure and sugar issues. It is however very important to get a prescription when taking Viagra and at the same time taking medication for blood pressure maintenance. If Viagra is for example taken along with nitrates drugs prescribed for blood pressure, the results can be lethal and dangerous.